Busy campaign managers can struggle to effectively create and manage large scale advertising campaigns.
With BIONIC’s cleverly designed Create you can build large scale, complex Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns in minutes. Some of the workflow benefits include:
  • “Cloning” allows you to copy an entire campaign in seconds.
  • If you have campaigns running or scheduled in Facebook directly, you can easily import them into BIONIC.
  • When creating (or importing) in BIONIC, we analyse your campaign and apply the appropriate automation settings to ensure optimal performance.
BIONIC allows an advertiser to automate complex, time consuming and repetitive tasks with the “BIONIC Auto-Pilot” suite of automation and optimisation features. 
With BIONIC you can:
  • Customise our performance algorithm to teach BIONIC which KPIs are important for you. 
  • Multiple KPIs available in “BIONIC Goal Pipeline” for full funnel optimisation.
  • BIONIC will strive to get the right balance between delivery and costs.
  • Limit your costs with cost capping.
  • Automatically pause under performing ads.
  • Dynamically rebalance budget to ensure the right money is spent on the right audience. 
Sometimes a human hand is needed to intervene. BIONIC is still here to help – with “BIONIC Insights”
We will proactively notify you if manual intervention is needed to improve your advertising performance and give you smart recommendations on how you can make a difference. Examples include notifying you if your Facebook relevancy score is negatively impacting on performance or if your targeting could be improved plus many more.
No two customers are the same.  At BIONIC we offer many integrations “out of the box” including supporting the Facebook mobile SDK and we also support mobile analytic/attribution solutions like Adjust.   The BIONIC integrations team have developed bespoke solutions for specialised customer requirements; examples include user database for conversion optimisation (including creating bespoke algorithms) and CRM solutions for audience refinements.  Get in touch to see how we can help you customise BIONIC to better support your unique business requirements.
Like you, we have real experience of making complex and challenging campaigns perform to their full potential.  All BIONIC account managers are experienced Facebook campaign managers and experts in their field. As a BIONIC client you can rest assured that your account manager is knowledgeable and competent. 
In addition to day to day support, we see ourselves as consultants as well as tech providers and as such provide bespoke training for our client’s teams e.g. training on the value of social as a channel, how to get the most out of Facebook, new ad product training, roundtable sessions for new client projects and anything else that may be important for your business.
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