Bionic Offline Conversions

The award winning Bionic Offline Conversion solution (BOC) empowers high street retailers to understand, influence, activate and measure their customers using tools and methodologies previously only available to ecommerce companies.

With a simple integration with the retailer’s existing data capture infrastructure like epos, loyalty card or digital receipt systems, Bionic bridges the gap between Online and Offline, giving the retailer the opportunity to;

Hyper-localise advertising to direct consumers to their closest store.

  • Personalise creatives to show specific products or range of products to the customer most likely to purchase.
  • Eliminate waste by dynamically removing customers from prospecting campaigns when they buy the featured product.
  • Dynamically create and populate upsell campaigns to target customers with campaigns featuring products that are linked to recent purchases (accessories, matching items etc.).
  • Understand who the real world customer is in terms of age, education, interests, marital status by store, product range or individual product purchased.

Optimisation Automation

Bionic technology has been automating complex, time consuming and repetitive Facebook advertising campaign management for some of the world’s largest advertisers for almost 5 years.

In the user friendly and intuitive interface, Bionic customers;
  • Customise our performance algorithm to teach Bionic which business metrics are important for them.
  • Specify multiple business metrics in the “Bionic Goal Pipeline” for full funnel optimisation.
  • Teach Bionic to strike the right balance between campaign delivery and costs.
  • Limit costs with cost capping.
  • Automatically pause under performing ads.
  • Dynamically rebalance budgets to ensure the right money is spent on the right audience.