We are a team of experienced
and driven professionals,
based in Dublin and Johannesburg

we have put the best of our campaign management experience into bionic

BIONIC began as a paid social business and grew to support some of the world’s largest advertising agency groups and brands. We quickly developed a reputation for excellence, based upon the expertise of our team and the quality of our service.

As our business evolved, we wanted to share our experience and best practice with a wider audience,  so we developed the self-service platform BIONIC, a sophisticated social media advertising platform with a simple and intuitive user interface.

It’s a social advertising platform for social media experts built by social media experts.

BIONIC was formally launched in 2013 is now used by thousands of advertisers every day all over the world.

meet the team

  • Ciaran FitzGerald
    Ciaran FitzGerald Chairman
  • Patrick Dawson
    Patrick Dawson CEO
  • Keith O’Reilly
    Keith O’Reilly CPO
  • Aoife O’Donnell
    Aoife O’Donnell Director of Client Services
  • Donal Quinn
    Donal Quinn Software Architect
  • Sebastian Norton
    Sebastian Norton Business Development Manager
  • Cian Buckley
    Cian Buckley Business Development Manager
  • Aoife Geraghty
    Aoife Geraghty Head of Retail
  • Shane Brewster
    Shane Brewster Senior Account Manager
  • Olga Osokina
    Olga Osokina Campaign Manager
  • Klara Lynch
    Klara Lynch Project Manager - Research & Development
  • Nenad Pantic
    Nenad Pantic Senior Software Developer
  • Rong Sheng
    Rong Sheng Senior Software Developer
  • Roman Pavliukov
    Roman Pavliukov Senior Software Developer
  • Eugene Carwood
    Eugene Carwood Senior Software Developer
  • Fausto Gregori
    Fausto Gregori Software Developer
  • Krzysztof Sawicki
    Krzysztof Sawicki Software Developer
  • Joseph O’Reilly
    Joseph O’Reilly Software Developer
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