BIONIC algorithmic optimisation is powerful and dynamic; it continuously optimises your campaigns.


Automate many everyday tasks with BIONIC and stop wasting time on campaign management.


BIONIC Advertisers see dramatic performance improvement across the board.


Joel Roberts

BIONIC has added a lot of value to our Facebook and Instagram campaigns by giving us much more automated control over optimisations, whilst saving the team plenty of time that would otherwise be spent manually making changes. It hasn’t required any significant changes to the way we work and build campaigns, and plugging our campaigns into BIONIC is quick and easy.

Mike Carter

BIONIC made a big impact on our social advertising from day one. On-boarding was simple, fast and handled with great professionalism by BIONIC, who continued to be highly responsive and supportive of our team. In addition, the stability and ease-of-use of the platform, coupled with intelligent bid management algorithms, has helped us reduce the time spent setting up and managing Facebook campaigns.

Martin Pugh

We started using BIONIC last year and were immediately impressed with the increased efficiency across all of our Facebook accounts. The intuitive interface and available support saw us improve the performance for all of our advertisers across Facebook and allow easier management of all campaigns.

Julian Lynch

The expertise and support behind the BIONIC platform has been invaluable. This was coupled with their capacity to apply real world Facebook management experiences to their recommendations. What we like most about the BIONIC system is the ability to rapidly set up and test various creative and targeting lines allowing us to focus on the value add stuff.

All Response Media
Nick Cudahy

BIONIC technology enabled us to efficiently deliver a granularly segmented campaign, with a multitude of creative messages at scale. The success of the campaign strategy was dependent on driving an effective cost per app install and the BIONIC technology delivered an improved CPI week on week, as we scaled spend in the channel.

Just Perfect Digital
Thomas Pays

After various trials with other software we are excited to use BIONIC. In the first few weeks the team were proactive, effective and very hands on with helping our team to create and optimize campaigns. It has been a pleasure and we look forward to the way forward with them.

Tom Robinson

With the help of BIONIC and its programmatic optimisation, Facebook has become a critical piece of our branding activities. In addition to excellent results, BIONIC's workflow, campaign creation and management also means we save a lot time and effort.

Richard Butler

The 6 Nations Championship was a key strategic opportunity for SportsCarver to engage the rugby fan in the build -up to major sporting events. BIONIC's automated optimisation was key to not only identifying the most valuable audiences but also maximising return on ad spend

Jonny Grum

Combining Facebook Page Management for round-the-clock sports content with BIONIC’s ability to manage social boosting at a large scale has saved the Torchbox team a lot of time during campaign setup and dynamically improved the performance of the campaigns. We also found the BIONIC account management team are very helpful, responsive and our client is pleased with the marked increase in website traffic.

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